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Carl’s Jr.

Carls Jr is an American chain of restaurant that specializes in fast food. The modern society seems to run lack of time and thus going to eateries where the serving time will be more is preferred only on holidays. Moreover, when you are in a long drive and need to eat something, it will surely be helpful to get something fast.

Fast food is the current trend of America and people of all age groups are fond of them. Burgers or sandwiches were always popular and when they are available in minutes in fast food joints, they sell like hell. Though it must be taken care that the food is good for health; else one will be at risk of losing health to get some more time.


Carl’s group of restaurants began its journey with Carl Karcher and his wife Margret in the year 1941. At that time they did not have an eating house but a hot dog cart. The food they served became so popular that they owned the first restaurant in five years. This was a big drive-in restaurant and in the next year he started the smaller versions of drive-in restaurant with the name of Carl’s Jr.

The name owes to the smaller version of drive-in restaurant and till date they are the most efficient in the niche. Hot dogs have been their first dish in business and this food is in the top list of American favorites. So, this one continues to be on their menu but obviously with several versions.

By the year 1981, Carls Jr owned 300 restaurant outlets and each one was equipped with high quality food items and super time saver equipments. When one comes to this restaurant and orders something, it literally takes them minutes to get served. Just order and pay and then get served immediately!

With the prime target of catering best quality fast food to the customers, Carl’s Jr restaurant takes every possible measure to ensure the quality of the dishes they serve. Being a fast food joint, the foods are served in less elaborate packages to ensure the customers’ comfort and easy of carrying the food.


With the growing demand of the food houses, this eating house has been successful in opening several outlets all over the country and running them with equal success. Specializing in American fast foods actually mean that they do not serve anything extraordinary but stress on the good quality of what they serve.

Some customers complain that the service here is great but the number of staffs is not yet sufficient to handle the great number of customers that come to them. The management is taking care of these minor issues and it is for sure that Carl’s Jr restaurant will soon reach the point of their desire.

Being one of the oldest eating houses, this organization has seen several ups and downs in the business and has taken precious lessons which helped to maintain their position till date. Welcoming the new and respecting the old has been the motto of the organization and it is evident that the trick has paid off.

Well decorated eating atmosphere must not be expected from a fast food joint as people who come here are mostly in hurry. They hardly care if the seats are comfortable or not, but the overall hygiene of the place matters greatly and the company takes of that with care and efficiency.

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