Food Safety Standards - ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC, FAMI-QS

ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Standard

The ISO 22000 international standard specifies the requirements or a food safety management system with HACCP principles, prerequisites programs, interactive communication, prerequisite programs, verification and validation, operational controls for food safety and system managements.

It is the most effective food safety systems standard established and effective as well as widely accepted globally for food and food related industry. The ISO 22000 standard operates within the framework of a structured management system and incorporated into the overall management activities of the organization.

Basically it is the Combination of ISO 9001 and HACCP

ISO 22000 can be applied independently of other management system standards or integrated with existing management system requirements. ISO 22000 integrates the principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system. ISO 22000 requires that all hazards that may be reasonably expected to occur in the food chain, including hazards that may be associated with the type of process and facilities used.

HACCP Standard based on Codex Alimentarius Commission

Hazard analysis and critical control points means HACCP. The HACCP system can be implemented based on any local country specific standards or codex guidelines. HACCP standard is a systematic preventive approach to identify, evaluate and control the food safety hazards. It identifies physical, chemical, and biological hazards covering all the activities starting from material receipt to material dispatch.  In the processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe. It includes process and product related designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level. In this manner, HACCP is referred as the prevention of hazards rather than finished product inspection. The HACCP standard can be used at all stages of a food chain, from food production and preparation processes including packaging, distribution, etc. industries.

BRC Food Safety Global Standards

The British Retail Consortium was formed in January 1992 and the Retail Consortium merged In 1998. They had published BRC global standards for food suppliers supplying the food and related items to retail chain of stores. This has been widely adopted not just throughout the UK but around the world.
In this BRC global standard series there are four standards

  • BRC global standard for food safety issue 7
  • BRC/IOP global standards for packaging and packaging materials issue 4
  • BRC global standard for consumer products issue 3
  • BRC global standard for storage and distribution, issue 2


  • Minimize duplication of evaluation
  • Ensure transparency and compliance with fair trading legislation
  • Continuously review and improve standards and supporting processes
  • Promote best practice 

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7

The BRC food safety global standard issue 7 has been adopted by food manufacturers throughout the world, especially by those organizations supplying British retailers. The audit of BRC food safety standard is done every year by BRC recognized certifying body and helps manufacturers, brand owners and retailers to fulfill their legal obligations and safeguard consumers.

It is suitable for companies supplying food products to UK retailers, regardless of the product or country of origin. It has been adopted by organizations throughout the world and at present all the big Multinationals are asking for the BRC certification for supplying to them. The principal requirements of the standard are the adoption and implementation of a hazard analysis and HACCP system, a documented and effective quality management system and a control of factory environmental standards, housekeeping, controls on equipment and adequate infrastructure, products, processes and personnel

BRC/IOP Global Standards for Packaging and Packaging Materials issue 5

The Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is particularly suitable for suppliers of packaging materials to food manufacturers. It is widely accepted by the packaging industry and IoP manufacturer and takes care so that initial stage of plant installation many companies are going for such standards.

FAMI-QS–Feed Additive and Pre mixture Quality System

FAMI-QS is the Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures. Since 2004, representatives of the Feed Additives and Pre-mixtures Industry have worked together to devise FAMI-QS, the first code aimed at this sector of the animal feed industry.

It works on the code of practice provided by the FAMI-QS. This European Code of Practice for Animal Feed Additive and Pre-mixture Operators (‘Code’) is in line with the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council laying down requirements for feed hygiene and sanitation system which encourage the development of guides to good practice on hygiene and the application of HACCP principles. The implementation of the Codex Code aims to encourage measures to be put in place to ensure the food safety and quality of feed additives; the operation of businesses in accordance with European feed hygiene requirements, and improved traceability.

Food Safety Standard Total Editable Documents Package

We are providing total set of 4 tiers of documents in word in editable form for various food safety standards like FAMI-Qs, ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC global standards. Our documents on food safety include the content as given below.

  • Food safety sample manual describing macro level system to meet requirements of related food safety standard and food safety policy
  • Food safety procedures to meet requirements of ISO 22000, HACCP and BRC standards
  • Standard operating procedures and work instruction to follow the best hygiene and housekeeping practices
  • Forms and records templates including HACCP plan and hazard analysis sample forms
  • Food safety audit checklist questions as per related standards

List of Food Safety Documents :

Food Safety Standard Awareness and Auditor Editable Training package

We are providing training slides and handouts on awareness and auditor training for related food safety standards. The training package is given in power point and word and editable to prepare your own training package to train the employees and vendors on food safety

  • The training PPT slides to explain related food safety standard requirements
  • Trainer guide for ready reference to participants
  • Sample audit form and audit checklist to main tian food safety records
  • Food safety audit questions checklist for more than 400 question set
  • Sample certified auditor training certificate

List of food safety awareness and auditor training packages provided by us: