Hardee’s Menu Prices


Hardee’s is your standard American fast food restaurant. The food offered has such greasy yet strangely tasty offerings such as fries, burgers, chicken, and other types of food. They have several meals inspired by American Tex-Mex food, such as Burritos and Tacos. They also have breakfast food and coffee. Who wouldn’t want to eat any of that stuff?

This intense and powerful franchise is growing. Soon it will cover and possibly feed the entire United States of America. The company has had a mixed up and contorted cooperate past. It’s been passed off like a football from company to company. Now it is owned by CKE restaurants, and the company wants Hardee’s to grow.


The history of this company is much layered. So many people have owned the rights and changed the franchise, for better or worse. Despite being a modern day power house of a food chain, this chain has very modest beginnings. Wilber Hardee, he was the first one. He opened the chain’s first ever restaurant. From there his life changed forever as his restaurant would become something truly remarkable.

The first ever store was opened in none other than the beautiful state of North Carolina. In the town of Greenville. Special items such as the Huskee were so distinctive that it received considerable growth. Customers loved the food. They loved it so much that they made it so the franchise could have massive growth.

The first change in management came with the company Imasco. They now controlled and managed the company. They changed the burger recipe. Later in the 80’s it started to sell chicken using recipes bought from Roy Rogers. It was later that none other than CKE Restaurants bought the rights. Now our loveable burger chain had a new brother, Carl’s Jr.

Now with it soon grew up with its new franchise buddy Carl’s Jr. They were soon advertised and branded together. They even both got the same menu. Now they both grow up to meet the challenge of feeding the population of America. The head company of the two chains: CKE Restaurants, has its headquarters in St Lois Missouri.


Hardee’s has a large variety of foods. There are so many types of burgers offered to customers. There are just a few recommend menu items for your delicious and amazing taste buds to enjoy and eats. There are deserts such as dark and delicious chocolate cookies and hot, warm apple turnovers. There is a great many different variety of fries offered. Even offered as a menu item it none other than a fish sandwich. Yum!

The price of the menu items is actually incredibly cheap. The 1/3 Cheeseburger is only $4.00. The Original ½ pound Thick Burger is simple $5.00. The Beer Battered Cod Fish is close to the fishy fresh price of $4.00. Other than burgers, the prices of other items, such as breakfast, are even more interesting. The loaded omelet biscuit is $3.00. The sausage and egg are only $3.00. As you can see, the prices of this franchise aren’t too bad.

The hygiene of the restaurant will vary from place to place. Although the restaurant had terrible issues with hygiene in the past. Some franchises have even been completely shut down, while others have been open for years. Staff tend to be very okay with the restaurants for what they are, entry level jobs. So staff are generally happy.

The ambiance if the restaurant is speedy. Plastics are used heavily for decoration. So it’s a bit bland. There are several locations in the United States, centered in the Midwestern and Southern United States. The company recently opened its first franchise in New York State. The wait times will generally be the worst during breakfast, lunch, and dinner rushes.

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