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the melting pot

The melting pot is a romantic and niche fondue restaurant. Its main attractions are its various fondues. This dish is created from melting cheese in a giant pot. Various foods are then dipped in the melted cheese and eaten. The franchise offers other foods of course. Such as salads, meats like ducks, and special 4 course meals.

The brand is well known for its tasty and delectable foods, but incredible and expensive costs. The company has a history ranging back from the late seventies to early eighties. The chain was truly launched by an intrepid trio of three brothers who saw the franchises potential. The restaurants are also known for their romantic decor. 


The melting pot has a history dating back to the groovy and sometimes depressing seventies. The first ever store was opened in Maitland Florida, a city just outside Orlando.  At the time, only three types of delicious fondue were sold at the restaurant, cheese, beef, and chocolate. The first franchise was sold to three brothers, Mark, Mike, and Bob.

Their first store was opened in 1979 in Tallahassee Florida, with resounding success. The brothers pushed forward to insure the chain’s success. In 1981, yet another restaurant was opened in Tampa Florida. Inspired by such great success, the brothers worked to expand the business even farther.

The brothers grew so enamored by the chains potential and concept that they bought the all of the rights to the restaurant brand. They then established The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. It took a year to remanage and change the brand. But soon the trio offered franchises to those interested in the chain’s concept.

This change was followed by careful planning and growth. The company made units in St. Petersburg and Clearwater Florida. The company furthered its already promising growth in the 2000’s. Now the chain is gaining attention internationally, in continents as far as the Middle East. The company is headquartered in Tampa Florida.


The Melting pot is famous and notorious for its delicious but expensive food. Unless you’re rich, it’s not a good idea to casually eat there. The price of most of its foods are very pricy. However, people have lauded the fresh tastes. A Simple Cheddar Cheese Fondue is $10.00. The Teriyaki Marinated Sirloin is $30.00. A Whole Four course meal can cost about $50.00, give or take a dollar.

However, there is a lot of variety offered to customers. In addition, the taste of these various foods are renowned by guests. The Chocolate fondue is great for those Chocolate lovers. There are so many wines guests can have with their meals, like the Greystone Merlot from California. There is even the Honey Orange Duck Breast.

The staff have like their jobs. The company inspires a family like feel with managers that care about their franchises and employees. The ambiance of the band could be described as cozy, clean, and intimate. Guests can seat themselves with private booths or more open tables. The hygiene is the franchise can be presumed to be good for being so expensive and keeping such happy employees.

Reservations are provided, however the wait times aren’t too bad. Since mostly couples come, they often have a lot of space other people. Although the restaurants will be busiest around dinners and weekends. The most locations to be found are in the United States. There are more than 125 stores across the world. It is a worldwide brand.

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