Newk’s Eatery Menu Prices


Newk’s is a fast casual restaurant. It specializes in gourmet foods and dining experiences. The concept offers soups, salads, pizzas, and other foods. Customers can order food online. Further, there is an online nutrition calculator to help guests stay true to their diet. There is also an allergen calculator for people with allergies.

The company is just a bit decade old. The service is considered very upper class in the fast casual dining world. The company employees about 5,000 part time to full time employees. This is including franchises. In 2014, about $141 million USD was gained by the franchise as a whole. The headquarters are located in Jackson Mississippi, United States.


Newk’s Eatery has it beginnings in the concept of McAlistar’s Deli. The concept was designed by Don Newcomb, his son Chris Newcomb, and Debra Byson. Combined, they created a franchise that soon found success and become one of the fastest growing fast casual restaurant of all time. The trio went on to sell McAlisters, and decided to focus on a new project.

A new idea formed in the minds of our three entrepreneurs. The team decided to create a new restaurant known as Newk’s Eatery. This new franchise would reflect the team’s personality and ideas in the kitchen. The Newcomb’s pursued this idea by using family recipes for many of the main dishes. Eventually the chain’s name was derived from the name Newcomb name.

The first restaurant was opened in Mississippi, in the college town of Oxford. It was 2014. The company didn’t stop there. Its goal was to continue to grow and expand. After a few months there were more eateries scattered around the country. The franchise survived the recession of 2008, and continued its long-term growth.

The brand’s success didn’t go unnoticed. QSR magazine noted how strong the franchise deal was. Sentinel Capital Partners then bought the company for an undisclosed amount. Shortly after, the brand announced it would plan to open more than 300 units by 2018. By the present, the franchise as about 100 locations nationwide.


The menu is one of the most attractive features of the restaurants. Quinoa salads with kale, ahi tuna salad, crawfish macaroni and cheese, and coconut cake are all tasty options available at Newk’s Eatery. These are just a few of the recommend menu items. There is a huge variety of foods for almost any diet. Further, the price isn’t too bad for what they serve. The taste you have will be good.

The food costs are average for a fast casual restaurant. The Cobb salad is $9.00. The Roast Beef sandwich is just $8.00. A simple bowl of chicken noddle soup is $7.00. Beyond soup, salads, and sandwiches are pizzas. The Spicy Shrimp pizza is $9.00. There is also a kid’s meal, with options not exceeding $6.00

The ambiance of the restaurant is very preppy and clean. The hygiene of the restaurants very, but on the whole hygiene seems to be at least okay. Staff generally like working there. While a job at the franchise won’t make on rich, it is an okay job for something like college. As such, customer service is surely at the very least good.

Wait times at a restaurant will be the worst around lunch, dinner, and weekend rushes. There are a few locations across the United States. Most of the chain is focused in the area of the South East.  There are ones in Texas, Kentucky, Arizona, Maryland, and even Florida. The franchise is expanding and growing, and may well be more national in the future.

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