Pumpkin Risotto – Day 5

Pumpkin Risotto is one of our tried and true recipes that we have been making for a couple of years. It’s a true one-dish dinner that is comforting, easy, and vegetarian. Everything gets tossed into a ovenproof dish and baked in the oven. Parmesan cheese is stirred through it and you’re done. I usually make this with arborio rice but tonight the rice had a grub or weevil or some fowl creature in it! So we had to resort to using brown rice, which actually turned out fine. It took about 20 minutes longer to cook than with arborio rice though. I prepped the pumpkin for this dish last Sunday which made this even quicker for the Man of the House to get into the oven tonight.

Tonight is Friday and we are zonked so I forgot to take a photo. The image below is from Mr Google and my risotto didn’t look exactly like this, but it’s actually given me an idea to stir through baby spinach and blocks of feta next time. The shaved Parmesan is also quite fancy compared to my grated cheese look, so I might copy that too. Our whole family enjoy this dish. It makes enough for us 4, and a lunch sized serving for left overs.

Pumpkin Risotto

These tuna sachets from Sealord are my latest love for an easy lunch at work. They come in single serving sizes, and in 3 flavours – Salsa Verde, Peri Peri (haven’t tried this one yet), and my favourite Lemon, Sesame & Ginger. I can’t remember the price right now. Just looking at the ingredients list now and I see that sugar and maltodextrin are both added, but in the nutritional information it reports 3.1g sugars per 100g, so I’ll keep eating these products. I heat up frozen leftover brown rice and stir through the tuna. I usually add a cut up avocado as well but we don’t have any right now. Oh and I keep a box of raw snacking nuts from Tasti on my desk for the 11.30am munchies. There are 6 individual bags in a box for $3.50, and the nut mix includes peanuts, cashews, brazils, almonds and macadamias. What a great mix! One little baggie contains 100% of the RDI (recommended daily intake) of Selenium (Selenium is a mineral that protects our body against damage by acting as an anti-oxidant. Selenium helps to regulate blood pressure and keep our immune system healthy) from the brazil nuts. Raw nuts contain loads of good fats so are a really healthy snack.

Oh! And I did’t have time for breakfast before I left home today, so I had this delish sandwich at my desk. Vogels bread, sprouts, ham, spinach, homemade mayonnaise, and gherkin. We’ve discovered that adding gherkin to a sandwich takes it to a whole another level, love it! This may seem like a weird flavour combination for breakfast, but it works.