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Smokey bones

Smokey Bones is a casual restaurant. It’s in the same vein as chains like Chili’s and Red Lobster. The food served tends are sandwiches, several sides, ribs, and other sporty food. The chain’s menu also has nutritional and allergen information for its menus. The prices can be a bit much, but people love the food served.

The restaurant has had several management changes over the years. From the large company Darden Restaurants to the Barbeque Inc., the franchise has had many changes. Still though, it maintains a strong fan following. The company employs about 3,700 people. The headquarters is located in its hometown of Orlando Florida. 


Smokey Bones has had a very interesting history. It’s full of twists, management changes, rebranding, and so much more. This casual dining restaurant wasn’t always so casual. In fact, it used to be a barbeque restaurant. But times change. The restaurant was originally a concept created by Darden Restaurants.

Darden Restaurants is a publicly traded company. It owns chains like Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse. In 1997 the company wanted to create a sports bar type of restaurant. As such, they created Smokey Bones. It was themed with Barbeque foods and Appalachian inspired ambiance. The first restaurant was located in Orlando Florida.

The May of 2007 brought new changes to Smokey franchise. For Darden announced that it would either sell or shut down the concept. Who would save this chain from obscurity, and ow much would it cost? The franchise was purchased by none other than Barbeque Integrated Inc., and affiliate of Sun Capital Partners.

With this new change in owner ship came a new change in look. The concept was revamped by Sun Capital to attract a new customer base. Instead of a Barbeque, the franchise was now known as a Bar and Fire Grill. The new design premiered in August of 2008. Nearly everything was changed from uniforms to menu. Now there are 67 restaurants centered in the eastern United States. 


The menu of Smokey Bones has changed over the years. There are so many recommend menu items for your taste palate. There are wings and zesty barbequed ribs. Chicken and seafood options are layered throughout the menu. The Fish and Chips option would be great for a meal. Likewise the Baby Back Ribs sounds like a good option.

The price of the various foods offered is a bit pricey compared to other restaurants. The Smokehouse burger is $12.00. This burger comes with several options such as bread and toppings. There a few side options that aren’t too expensive, such as the cinnamon apples and natural cut fries. Both of these options only cost $2.00.

The hygiene of the franchise can have some problems. There have some reports of roaches in some restaurants. The service could use a lot of work. Customers have complained consistently about slow service and unprofessional behavior. The wait times vary, but a restaurant will be busiest around the lunch, dinner, and weekend rushes.

There are several locations across the eastern United States. So this chain could best be called a regional power. There are 67 units in all. There are locations in Florida, Maryland, and Georgia. The ambiance is like a sports bar. Expect loud TVs, talking, and the constant shuffling of dishes. Perfect for extraverted people!

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