The Naked Shepherd – Day 3

Day 3 is upon us, so still early days but we are gathering momentum.

So the meal plan was for rissoles tonight, but the Man of the House had other more tasty ideas, and I’m glad he did. Tonight we had The Naked Shepherd, a recipe from Damon Gameau’s “That Sugar Book”. Forgive my photography... I’m hoping you can relate to dinner time not being all that conducive to staging meals for photos. One photo is all I have time to snap before the groaning starts – we have a rule that no-one is allowed to start eating until everyone is seated at the table. I actually Googled ‘The Naked Shepherd’ hoping to find a picture a bit nicer than mine. Some of the images were nice... but in a way that is not appropriate for this food blog.. So please bare with my sloppy photo. It tasted a whole lot better than it lookes!

The Naked Shepherd

Instead of a pastry or potato topped shepherds pie, this one has a cauliflower and cheese topping. I don’t think the kids realised, and I personally would eat the cauli version over the potato any day. This version is healthier, lighter and quicker. Win, win, win.

This afternoon I went out for lunch with some mums to Milk and Honey in Ahuriri, Napier. I’d highly recommend it! I quite often find New Zealand service lacking, but the service today was spot on. We sat out in the sun despite it being July, and had a right royal time! I ordered roasted vegetable frittata with a side salad, which I’m sure fits in with the rules of this 8 weeks. So that was easy

Breakfast was Egg Cupcakes again. I popped some in the other night while the Apple Crumble was baking. I told ya, any time that oven is on, there will be Egg Cupcakes in there. This time Miss 5 had crumbled fetta and herbs on hers. I think her taste palate is expanding. She’s liking it as much as we are.