What is ISO 22000 | ISO 22000 Certification

What is ISO 22000 Certification for Food Safety System

ISO 22000 certificate is an international food safety standard certification, acomplished by ISO certifying bodies world wide, which helps to achieve requirements for food safety control systems. ISO 22000 certification can be used by all the organization in the Food supply chain - from farmers to Hotels, conversion and transport, Warehousing, distribution and packaging. Increasing consumer demand for healthier food for safety reasons, demands of ISO 22000 certification is increased day by day. It helps to improve the business, quality and food safety system control and risk analysis. ISO 22000 certification consultant creates a focal point for security to start through the integration of the client and Methodologies and applications of ISO 22000. It is easy to understand and implement more efficient and effective means combinations of national standards to gain of market power.

ISO 22000 Training for Food Safety Management System Certification

The ISO 22000 Training is key to success for learning innovative food safety management system implementation. Many ISO consultants and ISO auditor have provide such training for food safety management system awareness and implementation. The certifying body is auditing the implemented system in Food manufacturing as well as Food products related companies and provide certificate. Effective and quick ISO 22000 certification can be possible with the innovative food safety techniques like:

  • Developing and validating new technologies which enhance food safety and quality
  • Understanding the genetic responses of micro-organisms to food processing stresses.
  • Investigating the behavior of micro-organisms in non – traditional food processing environments like high pressure processing, pulsed electric field, ultrasonic and ultraviolet light.
  • Assessing food borne risks.
  • Identifying operating food safety controls to minimize risk.
  • Transferring information and advice of food research, regulatory and business communities to establish controls and establish preventive measures to minimize food related hazards with a principal of farm to fork.
  • It covers all the steps and issues related to food safety from raw material purchase, storage, manufacturing, quality control, packaging and distribution channel

Any organisation may develop its own ISO 22000 food safety system to address food safety issues arising out of its activities, product or services. There are many requirements and sub elements of ISO 22000 standard. The key elements of ISO 22000 standards is described in following image:

Key Elements of ISO 22000 food safety Management Systems

Steps for ISO 22000 Certification and FSMS Implementation Training

Depending on size and type of company the ISO 22000 certification or HACCP food safety system certification processes can be completed within 3 to 6 months time. It purely depends on the size of the company, complexity of processes and controls available in the company for minimize food safety hazards. Below is a logical steps given as a ready guide to the organization, who wants to implement and certify ISO 22000 food safety system. Once the company is implementing ISO 22000 then all the requirements of HACCP certification as per Codex guideline is covered.

  • Conduct HACCP and ISO 22000 awareness programmers (all employees).
  • Appoint food safety team leader and food safety team from the members of all the departments
  •  Identify, establish and implement pre requisite programs for food safety and operational PRPS
  • Carry out hazard analysis and identify critical control points
  • Prepare ISO 22000 Documents and HACCP Plan of food safety system with document product specifications
  • Implementation & Train all personnel in the use of procedures & formats.
  • Implement the system and take corrective actions for critical control points and OPRP as identified in the HACCP plan
  • Train internal auditors.
  • Assess the system through first internal audit.
  • Take corrective actions for audit findings.
  • Apply for certification.
  • Assess the system through second round of internal audit.
  • Avail pre-certification audit and onsite verification of haccp plan by certifying body.
  • Take actions on suggestions given by certification audit.
  • Final audit by certifying body and recommendation for HACCP/ISO 22000 certificate.
  • Take actions on NCRs given in the final certification audit

E Consultancy for ISO 22000:2005 Certification

As a cost saving practice for the food companies we are providing e consultancy globally and many companies had already got ISO 22000 or HACCP certificate with our help. The on line E consultancy is given from our office (Total help is done by e mails, webinars and on line training video from our office).

9 - Stage ISO 22000 Online Consultancy

  • Micro level survey: We submit the gap analysis questionnaire to client and data is analyzed in our office. Based on that we identify the gap in the system (Stage-1 gap analysis)
  • Provide editable ISO 22000 and HACCP food safety training package: we provide our training kit on ISO 22000 and HACCP awareness programs as per Free DEMO on website. (Stage-2 Training)
  • Appoint Food Safety team leader: We prepare the organization structure as well as job description of all employees from the information provided by client and based on that suggest food safety team members (Stage-3)
  • Hazard analysis and HACCP plan: Take list of processes, equipments, process steps and suggest hazard analysis as well as prepare HACCP plan (Stage-4)
  • Preparation of ISO 22000 Documentation: The draft copy of documents as per ISO 22000 or HACCP standard related to your work in English (Covering food safety manual, procedures, forms, work instruction and exhibits) (Stage-5 documentation)
  • Implementation of ISO 22000 System: Help is provided for solving query through mails and telephonic talk (Stage-6 Implementation)
  • Internal ISO 22000 food safety auditor training: The auditor training kit is provided and with the use of our auditor training kit company can provide training to internal audits. (Stage-7 Internal auditor training)
  • Internal auditing: Carry out internal audits by your trained internal auditors as well as arrange the management review meetings and we review all records in our office (Stage-8 Internal audit and management review meeting)
  • ISO 22000 Certification audit: Final certification audit by certifying body and actions on findings. We will help in selection of certifying body and closing of non conformities identified in audit (Stage-9 ISO 22000 certification)

Thus total consultancy is provided through internet and e mails and telephonic talk and video conferencing.

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