Wraps from Scraps; What the Fat; Easy Diet Diary app

You all thought I’d fallen off the bus, didn’t you! Nope I’ve been on holiday for the week, which also meant eating in the way I “used to” for the week too. Parts of that were nice, like the peach sponge pudding! But on the whole I ate more white bread and pastry (pies and sausage rolls) than I need for the next year!

The Man of the House was home alone for the week and was super diligent with his eating. The result, he’s lost another 1/2 a hole on his belt, achieved while eating as much healthy food as he wants. He’s feeling great – take that which ever way you please. I wish we had scales to actually measure it, but the proof will have to be in the belt.

So back on track for myself and the kids this week. Here’s our menu plan. There are a few new recipes to try out which should be fun. I’ll post the recipes as I go along, but only if they are successful!

MON – Egg Muffins with spinach; Wraps from Scraps

TUES – Naked Bircher Muesli; Corned Beef with Cauliflower Mash and steamed vegetables

WED – Life Changing Loaf of Bread; Vegetarian Pizza and salad

THUR – Coco-nutty Granola; The Naked Shepherd with Spinach Salad

FRI – Egg Muffins; Fish with Kumara Chips and salad/veges

SAT – Life Changing Loaf of Bread; Pumpkin Risotto

SUN – Apple Pancakes, Roast Chicken with Roast Veg; Hearty Bacon Soup

Tonight we had Wraps from Scraps, and again I was amazed at how well the kids ate. Miss 5 ate two wraps – the same amount as us adults and I was pretty full! Our wraps were bulging with healthy salad goodies and the kids gobbled them up too.

Oh and a couple of other COOL things. I splashed out and brought “What the Fat” by Prof Grant Schofield, Dr Caryn Zinn and Craig Roger. Thanks for recommending it Shelly. It’s a BEAUTIFUL hard covered book that woudn’t look out of place on the coffee table (except mine which is covered in Lego, glitter and tiny bits of cut up paper). I can’t recommend this book enough! It is written by New Zealanders for New Zealanders. It covers why fat is IN and sugar (and carbs) are OUT – or the Low Carb Healthy Fat diet/lifestyle by providing the scientific opinion from Prof Schofeld, the nutritional opinior from Dr Zinn and the recipes from Craig Rodger. This book is so practical and down to earth in typical Kiwi style.

AND I have downloaded an app called Easy Diet Diary, suggested in “What the Fat” which is so amazing. I’m impressed at how intuitive and quick it is to use, and it’s FREE. The gist is, you add the foods you eat each day, and it gives you stats on how much sugar, carbs, sodium, fat, saturated fat, protein, calories and kj’s were contained either in each food item, meal or over the whole day. It’s really interesting to see how easily sugar and carbs (and sodium!) build up over the course of the day. Like today for example, I ate 103g carbs (which is good, the recommended amount is 150g – from What the Fat), and 36g sugar which amounts to 9 teaspoons of sugar. HOW?! I had such a healthy food day! With the ap it’s so easy to see where the sugar crept in, and for me it was an apple (12g sugar = 3t sugar) and a banana (15g sugar = 4t sugar). Yikes, I knew fruit was high in sugar but 7 teaspoons from 2 pieces of fruit! Interestingly the Man of the House hasn’t had any fruit for 3 weeks and his belly fat is all the better for it.